An independent film crew arrives at a haunted attraction to shoot a low-budget slasher movie, unaware that they are being stalked and murdered by a killer masquerading as one of the crew. This latest production from Happy Cloud Pictures, simultaneously an homage and a deconstruction of the horror genre, is a mind-bending, gut-wrenching slasher pic where the line between film and reality blurs-then disappears entirely! Starring and directed by Amy Lynn Best, also starring Tom Sullivan (“The Evil Dead”), Sofiya Smirnova, Alyssa Herron. Special Effects by Eric Molinaris (“Rampage”). Boasts the music of “The Cornbugs” featuring Buckethead and Bill (“The Devil’s Rejects”) Moseley.  Signed by Amy Lynn Best and Mike Watt. ($9.99 + 3.99 shipping)

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