Need some new things to watch? Love indie horror? Take advantage of Happy Cloud Media’s DVD sale. Three classic Happy Cloud movies for one low price. Each DVD is chock full of extras and goodies. Sale includes:

* The Resurrection Game – directed by Mike Watt. Happy Cloud’s landmark 16mm “zombie-noir” that takes place in a world where the walking dead are widespread, but little more than a common nuisance. Something much more sinister is afoot!

* Splatter Movie: The Director’s Cut – directed by Amy Lynn Best, Splatter Movie deconstructs the horror genre, the indie business, and lays the satire on thick as a film crew is being stalked by a killer on the very hot set!

* Demon Divas and the Lanes of Damnation – directed by Mike Watt. This homage to ’80s horror stars Brinke Stevens, Amy Lynn Best, Robyn Griggs, Debbie Rochon, and Lilith Stabs as a quintet of wish-granting, flesh-eating demons operating out of a bowling alley.

Get all three DVDs for just $20 and free shipping!

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