In 2004, filmmaker/actress Amy Lynn Best assembled a group of talented B-movie actresses for a night of discussion of their careers in independent cinema.

PART ONE: In the tradition of the “Scream Queens Hot Tub Party”, The Spicy Sisters Slumber Party is a feature-length documentary discussion of the state of independent horror at the turn of the new millennium. What does the term “scream queen” constitute? How can women succeed in a genre that only values them as objects or victims? What can women do going forward? Women in the industry take a hard look at their own industry.

With insights from women like Jasi Cotton Lanier (The Walking Dead), Linnea Quigley (Return of the Living Dead), Robyn Griggs (TV’s Another World), Ryli Morgan (Runaway Terror), moderated by Best.

PART TWO: TRUTH OR DARE – with the women taking a more playful, wine-inspired approach to their lives and careers.

This DVD-R has been out-of-print for many years and we’re making it available via popular demand. $11.98 ($7.99 + 3.99 s/h – U.S. SHIPPING ONLY)

Package includes one (1) burned and hand-written DVD-R, one ink-jet printed cover, one slim case.


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