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GOD HATES YOU! “When the Angel of Death impregnates a mortal woman, the dead stop dying. But these zombies only desire to be back among us. A bloody war has broken out between the living and the dead, bleeding the final survivors from our broken world. Amid this fetid landscape of zombie massacres rises Susan (Stark Raven), a lone woman desperate to get back to her boyfriend and a life of some sanity. And she’s not about to let anyone, living or undead, get in her way.”

New York Filmmaker Scooter McCrae’s (Sixteen Tongues) bold new take on the zombie genre won the prestigious Best U.S. Independent Feature Award at the Italian FANTAFILM Festival. It was decried on the floor of Parliament during the “Video Nasty” hysteria of the ’80s-’90s. SHATTER DEAD remains a cult classic of indie horror, and for the first time, you can read the SHOOTING SCREENPLAY, see rare and never-before-seen behind-the-scenes and promotional photos, and read the (as yet unproduced) follow-up sequel screenplay! This is the first time any of these materials have been published!

For an invaluable look at the work that goes into making a movie – any movie – pick up THE SHATTER DEAD COLLECTION.

Another fine offering from the Happy Cloud Media Screenplay Collection!

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