Choose from Mark Bode’s Clarion Alley cover or Will Eisner Official Site‘s SPIRIT cover from Denis Kitchen’s SNARF #3. Both designed by Ryan Hose (our new artistic director!).

So much great stuff in here including:

* an Overview of Undergrounds;

* Interview with Stephen Bissette, discussing his projects TABOO and S.R. Bissette’s TYRANT (R)

* Interview with Howard Cruse, who helped pave the way for future gay cartoonists;

* Interview with Trina Robbins, the first woman to draw WONDER WOMAN and a pioneer in Wimmen’s Comix;

* Interviews with Frank Henenlotter and Mike Diana, discussing the documentary “The Trials of Mike Diana”, whose comix were convicted of “obscenity”;

Greg Ketter of Dreamhaven Books discusses the history of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund;

* AND a huge Bode section, featuring interviews with Mark Bode, and a reprint of Vaughn Bode’s 1975 essay “Confessions of a Cartoon Gooroo” (Official Mark and Vaughn Bode Fan Site) in its entirety!

Plus: Mike Hauss gives us the lowdown on weird spaghetti westerns;

Mike Haushalter provides another installment of “I’ll Buy That for a Dollar”;

Terry Thome gives us the scoop on Robert Altman’s adaptation of POPEYE;

Justin Channell talks to Buddy Giovinazzo about “Ginger”;

Jason Lane tells us about DOMU: A CHILD’S TALE;

* and we say our final goodbye to Stan Lee.

All this and a few things I may have forgotten – all in EXPLOITATION NATION #6! Order the print version today for $1 off cover!

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