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UPDATE: The Books are going fast – we’re down to the last of our in-stock Exploitation Nation issues so if you’re missing any – or ALL – don’t delay!

Our DVD Sale has also been a big success, so if you feel like you’re missing some great in-jokes, check below!

* A zombie outbreak is the least of a private detective’s worries.
* A director’s set is plagued with real life murders!
* Two bullied girls have their wishes fulfilled by beautiful demons…in a bowling alley!

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The Resurrection Game,
Splatter Movie: The Director’s Cut,

and Demon Divas and the Lanes of Damnation

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“A highbrow look at lowbrow entertainment!”

* Bizarro Films (Issue 3)
* Underground Comix (Issue 6)
* Lesbian Vampire Films (Issue 1)
* Rock ‘n Roll Movies (Issue 4)
* New frontiers explored in every issue!

Stuck inside? Running out of things to read? Need some ideas for your next bizarro film binge-watch?

Want to read interviews with unique talents like
* Terry Gilliam (The Man Who Killed Don Quixote)
* Mark Savage (Purgatory Road)
*Stephen Bissette (Swamp Thing)
* Frank Henenlotter (Basket Case)
* Stephen Sayadian (Cafe Flesh)

Missing some or all of the issues? Wanna start from the very beginning? Pick up the entire back issue collection of Exploitation Nation for one low price!

(Note: EN #6 comes with cover A by Mark Bode, #8 on sale separately)

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“[Exploitation Nation is] ESSENTIAL READING!” – Deep Red Magazine
From film journalist Mike Watt comes, the MOVIE OUTLAW series.

MOVIE OUTLAW takes an in-depth look at more than 300 “underseen” movies, many of which you may never have heard of! Cult films, bizarro cinema, indies, fantastiques, grotesqueries, and things that are just plain fun. Read aboutCrazy Moon, Electric Dreams, Yellowbeard, Cafe Flesh, Frankenhooker, The Sinful Dwarf, Psychos in Love, King of the Ants, Man Facing Southeast, Coonskin, Forbidden Zone and hundreds more!

With bonus interviews with folks like Ralph Bakshi (Wizards), Stephen Sayadian (Dr. Caligari), and more. Four books to the series, filled with photos (many of which are exclusive to these books courtesy of the filmmakers).
Discover new movies to obsess about!

Take home all four volumes of the MOVIE OUTLAW series for one low price.

Movie Outlaw: The Prequel

Movie Outlaw

Movie Outlaw Rides Again

Son of Movie Outlaw

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Two Award-Winning Films Exclusive to Happy Cloud Media, LLC!
Produced by Happy Cloud Pictures (in association with RAK Media and Southpaw Pictures), RAZOR DAYS and TALES OF POE were shot back-to-back, sharing much of the same cast and crew.

RAZOR DAYS, directed by Mike Watt, starring Amy Lynn Best, Debbie Rochon, Bette Cassatt, Alan Rowe Kelly, and Jeff Monahan, is a grim and gritty departure for HCP, as three women, survivors of violence, set out on a self-destructive path of revenge.

TALES OF POE, directed by Bart Mastronardi and Alan Rowe Kelly, starring Adrienne King, Carolyn Williams, Alan Rowe Kelly, Randy Jones, Amy Lynn Best, Amy Steel. New adaptations of three of Edgar Alan Poe’s classic writing, including “Dreams”, a poem never-before adapted for the screen, all with contemporary takes on timeless chills.

Pick up both DVDs for one low price. Supplies are VERY limited and this offer is exclusive through Happy Cloud Media, LLC.

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As recently referenced by Tom Savini himself on The Last Drive-In with Joe Bob Briggs!
In 1990, the eagerly-awaited remake of the seminal horror film, Night of the Living Dead, was released to theaters. Produced by the original team, the new film had a director in special effects maestro Tom Savini. His vision for the film was a gutsy, visual feast that would, he promised, “make death scary again.”

Disappointingly, for one reason or another, many of Savini’s most outrageous sequences were left unfilmed and unrealized. Now, for the first time, fans of the film can see for themselves the director’s unique vision for Night of the Living Dead 1990.

Happy Cloud Media, LLC is proud to announce the upcoming publication of Mr. Savini’s storyboards as realized by artist Brad Hunter, never before available in their entirety, and thoroughly annotated by the director himself.

notld 44

Accompanied throughout by rare behind-the-scenes set photos, Night of the Living Dead 1990: The Version You’ve Never Seen will be a valued addition to any horror fan’s bookshelf. A rare glimpse into the work done prior to the cameras rolling, before the first actor is cast, there is the script, the director, and the ideas.

Details on price and dimensions and additional content will be forthcoming.

Night of the Living Dead 1990: The Version You’ve Never Seen will be paperback and is slated for a October 2019 release.
Order today for just $24.99 (+3.99 postage – US Shipping Only – contact us for overseas shipping)!


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