HAPPY CLOUD News for June


Halfway through the year and we’re still plugging along. Some recent bullet points:

* We just wrapped a doc called “OUCH! Twenty Years of Severe Injuries.” This is in celebration of Amy Lynn Best’s feature directorial debut, Severe Injuries, the story of the last of the vicious Hubbles, a lineage of unsuccessful (but plucky!) serial killers.

OUCH! Boasts interviews with many of the principal cast and/or crew, including Charlie Fleming (Melvin Hubble), Tim Gross (Mrs. Lunford), Alyssa Herron (Plucky Sorority Girl), Stacy Bartlebaugh-Gmys (Tina), Francis Veltri (Ed), Jim Steinhoff (John), Jasi Lanier (Linda), and many more! We also pay a little tribute to the late Robyn Griggs (Susie).

We went back to the original DV tapes to remaster a new version of the movie as well! The doc features newly-discovered outtakes and never-before-seen footage. More on the upcoming anniversary celebration will be revealed soon!

* Feast of Flesh news! Word came down from our distributor, Camp Motion Pictures, that Happy Cloud’s fan-favorite, the gory vampires vs. the IRA adventure, A Feast of Flesh, has landed on Tubi (watch it HERE) and is currently featured on VUDU (watch HERE)! It’s easier than ever to check out the strange story of the truce between an IRA faction and a brothel of vampires! Starring Amy Lynn Best, Stacy Bartlebaugh-Gmys, Mike Watt (who co-wrote with Amy and directed), Bill Homan, Alyssa Herron, Sophia Smironva, Steven Foland, and Rachelle Williams.


* In Exploitation Nation news, Issue #14, a tribute to our late friend William Richert (director, Winter Kills), is in final layout with Ryan Hose and should be available by the end of June. As everyone knows, this was an incredibly hard issue to put together for us, as close as we were to Bill, and we can’t thank enough the people who put in such hard work to bring it together. Writers Scott Bradley and Dr. Rhonda Baughman, editor Ally Melling, layout Ryan, publisher Amy.

Here’s a prototype of the cover. More info forthcoming!

https://i0.wp.com/www.encyclopocalypse.com/uploads/1/4/2/9/142904354/s392250083227992199_p126_i2_w3000.jpeg?resize=424%2C424&ssl=1* Encyclopocalypse Publications recently released Mike Watt’s Hot Splices: The Author’s Cut! This is a brand new edition of the HCM short story collection, boasting two brand-new interconnecting stories. This being the “author’s cut,” small alterations were made to several of the existing stories, giving Mike the chance to correct those nagging little things that nobody noticed but him.

Told through ten interconnecting stories, Hot Splices is an epic in depravity and obsession. Several “film addicts” return to their former college in search of the five forbidden “Borgia Films,” alleged snuff films that could possibly resurrect the dark gods of filmmaking. These addicts have a special connection to film, and their addiction takes the form of “flixing,” sucking frames of film to bring them into the story, or bring the story into their reality.

Readers have found the book terrifying, inspiring, revolting, confounding, and amazing, all at the same time. Pick up the Encyclopocalypse Publications edition today! (Bookmarks may even be available!)

* This, of course, renders the Happy Cloud Publishing version of Hot Splices officially out of print. If you bought a copy, you are now holding a collector’s item.

* Finally, we have some sad news to report. Our friend and author, Gary Warner Kent, passed at the beginning of June. For the past few years, we’ve kept his autobiography, Shadows & Light, in print and will continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Profits from the book will go towards one of Gary’s many charities.

Shadows & Light  is Gary’s incredible true story of his time as  a stuntman and production manager on films like Satan’s Sadists and Phantom of the Paradise, to name just two. The stories told in Tarantino’s Once Upon a Time in Hollywood… “borrow” liberally from Gary’s life and the book is both astonishing and fun. It’s available here.

RIP Gary, and thank you for everything!