Limited Edition DVD-Rs added to HCM store

Last week, a customer inquired about a project we’d been involved in around 2003, Brinke’s Tales of Horror. Conceived and produced by the late Joe D. Casey, the anthology film was left uncompleted at the time of his death. We re-assembled it the best we could, with the materials we had available. This was the result.

Because of the varying quality of the shorts, we never sought true distribution for the final film, instead offering a DVD-R as a con bonus or exclusive. But, due to popular demand, not to mention pandemic, we’re making this and two other out-of-print DVD-Rs available for a limited time.

Click HERE to learn about Brinke’s Tales of Terror, The Spicy Sisters Slumber Party, and Blood Bath: Blood Wrestling Vol. 1 (shot live at Genghis Con in 2005).

Brinke's Tales - DVD-R
Brinke’s Tales of Terror – ltd edition DVD-R