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NEW! HOT SPLICES – a collection of eight interwoven tales of “The Cinephages” – those who devour frames of film for the high, to meld with their favorite films – and their encounter with the legendary “Divine Heresy”, a collection of films that can open a gateway to madness, murder, and the dark gods of filmmaking.

If you do not love film…
If you do not devour it, as it devours you…
If a Film could never drive you to murder…
This is not the film for you.

HCM SPECIAL:  $9.99 + Free Shipping (U.S. only I’m afraid) (Autographed: add $3.99 for shipping.)

* From Goodreads –…

“The book isn’t just a great horror story, but a goldmine of references and shout outs for film fans, filled with insight into films from across multiple genre’s and decades. Even without looking into Mike Watt’s background it’s clear that he’s someone who not just loves cinema, but knows it incredibly well. Here’s an author who’s writing about something that he’s deeply passionate about, and this translates onto the page. Even if you’re not a huge film buff you’ll find yourself drawn into the conversations the characters have bout the subject, fascinated by how deep their knowledge on the subject is, and how much you’re learning about the subject.”

* From

“Hot Splices takes an interesting concept, blends a few different styles and genres, and turns it into something very unique.”

* Read more at The Horror Report:

“Truly in a class of its own, Hot Splices has successfully SPLICED itself into my memory and will stay there for a long, long time. I even think it’s one of those books that you can definitely read a second or third time and probably pick up on things you may have missed previously. So, well worth the read. Mike Watt has taken what could have been just simple subject matter and catapulted it into a realm of deep complexity and sinister dreams. I would highly recommend this to any film lover and to any horror lover, for the two are rarely combined so well.”

* The Divine Write sez…

“What a great read this is, quite unlike anything else I have read. It is clear the author knows his subject very well and the story is littered with film references.

The story interweaves different stories of The Film Addicts, a group that eat. breathe and sleep cinema. The common element through these stories is the Borgia films, a set of films that were supposedly created by a psychopath. It is said to contain real footage of murders and the films if played together can cause side effects in the viewer.

At the end of the books, there are a few short stories that link to the main story. Highly recommended”.

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