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“Andy Rausch’s adaptation of Carnival Of Souls is a well-crafted piece of writing that largely stays true to the original narrative and does an incredible job evoking the time and place of the story. Like a classic Twilight Zone story, the novel knows how to draw you in, paint a picture with overwhelming mood and dread and then get out before it wears out its welcome.” — Kevin VanHook, writer/creator, Bloodshot

“Carnival of Souls is one of my all-time favorite horror films, and this novel does it justice. Andy Rausch has done the impossible here by being faithful to the film and also creating something fresh and new within the story’s confines.” —Charles E. Pratt Jr., author The 100 Scariest Movies Ever Made.

The 1962 black-and-white horror classic Carnival of Souls has been scaring audiences for the past six decades, and for good reason. A masterpiece in atmospheric horror, Herk Harvey’s direction and John Clifford’s screenplay built suspense and ratcheted up the terror in a way that few low-budget horror films have replicated since. With this new novelization, Nigthmare Pavilion, author Andy Rausch (Savage Brooklyn, Until One of Us Is Dead) tackles the film’s story in a fresh and exciting way.

Where the original Carnival of Souls was a visual experience and atmospheric, Nightmare Pavilion adds a depth to the familiar storyline, building on the characters and the world that Clifford and Harvey created. Rausch’s take is reverent while adding new twists and surprises. Readers are even treated to two versions of the story’s ending—retaining the original, and then adding an extended conclusion traveling beyond!

Andy Rausch is the author of more than forty books, including The Suicide Game, Layla’s Score, and Until One of Us Is Dead. He resides in Nowhere, Kansas with his wife and children.

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