21st CENTURY PULP: Gunfighters of the Drunken Master - Book One by Pete Chiarella



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Gunfighters of the Drunken Master – Book One by Pete Chiarella

From the author of A Whole Bag of Crazy comes the first in his pulp trilogy.

After a series of solar flares dry up all water on the planet, the world is turned into a barren wasteland. Any liquid not stored in a glass or plastic container has been contaminated. There is ,however, a lot of liquor and the wasteland is populated by violent drunks heavily armed with a variety of weapons. The baddest man is The Drunken Master who rules the area with an iron fist. But one fatefull day he wasn’t bad enough. In a dust up with another bad ass, El Roacho Rio, his gun hand is crippled. The Master put a bounty on El Roacho Rio, 100 cases of water for his head. Now every shootist, psycho killer, and bad ass is out for the reward. Meet The Blindman, Nydia, Coffin Jack White, Blackjack Morgan, Wong Duck, “Cop” Warren, Ruby the Dyke, The Shotgun Girls and more. All on a collision course as they are The Gunfighters of the Drunken Master.

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