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Razor Days

Razor Days is a grim story of survival and revenge set in the very real world. Starring Amy Lynn Best (A Feast of Flesh), Debbie Rochon (The Colour from the Dark) and Bette Cassatt (ThinkGeek), Razor Days tells the story of three women, each a survivor of horrific violence, who bond together first for support and then to exact revenge on those responsible for their horrific pasts, including a group of cannibalistic “weekend warriors”.

Special Limited Edition Signed/Numbered DVD only available through Happy Cloud Media, LLC. $20.00 (free shipping for US residents only) – LIMITED QUANTITIES

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The Resurrection Game

Happy Cloud Pictures’ first feature film was a “zombie-noir” shot on 16mm film. It’s gone on to have a worldwide cult following! In a world where the dead walk and get in the way, a private detective teams up with a scientist and a pair of colorful zombie exterminators to uncover a global conspiracy so dark and far-reaching that zombies are the least of the problems. Stars Amy Lynn Best and Ray Yeo, with special appearances by Jasi Cotton Lanier and Debbie Rochon. SPECIAL FEATURES: Official 10th Anniversary edition, Audio Commentaries, New documentary “Necromaniacs: 10 Years of The Resurrection Game,” trailers. Signed by Amy Lynn Best and Mike Watt. $10.00

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Splatter Movie: The Director’s Cut

An independent film crew arrives at a haunted attraction to shoot a low-budget slasher movie, unaware that they are being stalked and murdered by a killer masquerading as one of the crew. This latest production from Happy Cloud Pictures, simultaneously an homage and a deconstruction of the horror genre, is a mind-bending, gut-wrenching slasher pic where the line between film and reality blurs-then disappears entirely! Starring and directed by Amy Lynn Best, also starring Tom Sullivan (“The Evil Dead”), Sofiya Smirnova, Alyssa Herron. Special Effects by Eric Molinaris (“Rampage”). Boasts the music of “The Cornbugs” featuring Buckethead and Bill (“The Devil’s Rejects”) Moseley.  Signed by Amy Lynn Best and Mike Watt. $10.00

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Demon Divas coversm

 Demon Divas and the Lanes of Damnation

Two nerdy college coeds get the best of a popular sorority when they are granted a wish by the seductive demons that run a local bowling alley. The wish goes horribly, horribly wrong. An homage to classic 1980s horror comedies from Freed Olen Ray, David DeCoteau and Jim Wynorski – and starring the original ’80s scream queen Brinke Stevens. SPECIAL FEATURES: Two commentary tracks, behind the scenes featurette, bloopers, trailers, Easter egg, and bonus short “prequel” entitled “The Night We Didn’t Discuss Myra Breckinridge” starring cult phenomenon Bill Homan. Signed by Amy Lynn Best and Mike Watt. $10.00

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