“We take a high-brow look at low-brow entertainment.”

ExNat 13 cover by Ryan Hose
ExNat 13 cover by Ryan Hose

EXPLOITATION NATION returns! In Issue 13, we catch up with some of the SOV mavericks whose films dominated the underground horror scene in the ’90s-2000s, including Charles Pinion (Red Spirit Lake), Brad Sykes (Plaguers), Tim Ritter (Truth or Dare: A Critical Madness), and relative newcomers Justin Seaman (The Barn) and Zane Hershberer (Force to Fear).

BUT IF THAT WEREN’T ENOUGH: we also touch base with the critical minds behind the upcoming Dr. Caligari blu-ray, including author Jerry Stahl, restoration expert Daniel Bird, and director Stephen Sayadian (aka Rinse Dream)! Plus: More Dollar reviews, Indonesian Horror from Jason Lane, TWO cartoons by Robert Waldo Brunelle, Jr., and a whole host of indie horror reviews!

EN #12 – cover by Stew Miller
Exploitation Nation #12: “WE’RE STILL STANDING!” – a 96-page promotion of indie artists and filmmakers who came through the pandemic more or less intact! Interviews with Something Weird Video‘s Lisa Petrucci, filmmakers Tim Ritter (Truth or Dare, Killing Spree) and Thomas Edward Seymour (VHS Massacre, London Betty), and journalist Jason Pankoke. The theme of this issue is PROMOTE! So scream all about it from the rooftops to the hills to the C.H.U.D.s.

Exploitation Nation #11: CULTURE: CANCELLED! “The
Cover by Ryan Hose.
Muppets have been Cancelled! Looney Toons and Seuss! Everything’s been cancelled!” Calm the heck down. In this issue, we explore what is and what isn’t censorship, taking a hard look at the history of America’s obsession with self-censorship. Interviews with Jeff Burr (From a Whisper to a Scream), Linnea Quigley (Silent Night, Deadly Night), Alex Cox (Repo Man) and Jill Schoelen (The Stepfather). PLUS an extensive look at the German Cult Classic, KILLER CONDOM, featuring rare artwork by H.R. Giger and Jorg Buttgereit! Another DEEP DIVE into pop culture from ExNat!

Cover by Philip R. Rogers

Our landmark 10th Issue! COMEDY IS HARD! Highlights include articles by Carmine Capobianco (Psychos in Love), Michael Legge (Sideshow Entertaiment), interviews with James Lorinz (Frankenhooker), Jason Paul Collum (celebrating an anniversary himself), and Josh Miller/Pat Casey (writers, Sonic the Hedgehog, Golan the Insatiable)Plus: Matt Helm, National Lampoon and the “Cruel-medy” of Michael O’Donoghue, The ‘Burbs, Where’s Poppa?, Lemmings, Firesign Theatre, The Goons and more! (Not a lot more, but still more.)With a marvelous cover by Philip R. Rogers, we’ve batted another out of the rink. Or however that goes. Click Here to order: $7.99 + $3.99 shipping


Cover by Tom Sullivan

Exploitation Nation #9: When Animals and Elder Gods Attack! Our special bonus QUARANTINE ISSUE looks at Nature Attack movies and Lovecraft lunacy. We sit down with cover artist and EVIL DEAD FX maestro Tom Sullivan. We also bid goodbye to the great Stuart Gordon with a look at both his film and theatrical legacies. Also: Jason Paul Collum talks about his experiences on DEADLY STINGERS, Justin Wingenfeld talks about “Graphic Worm Horror!”, a look at Tippi Hedren’s legendary suicide-attempt-by-film ROAR, the absurdly awesome TAMMY AND THE T-REX, and much more! Enjoy being shut in with Exploitation Nation!

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Cover by Ryan Hose

 Exploitation Nation #8: Witnesses for the Defense! Every movie is someone’s favorite and in this issue, we asked our writers to defend a movie only they seem to like. From “Grease 2” to “Ernest Goes to Jail” to “Godzilla ’98” to the actor Kevin Costner, we profess our love for the things that we feel deserve more love. PLUS an exclusive interview with director TERRY GILLIAM and his long-awaited “The Man Who Killed Don Quixote”!

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EN7 cover
Cover by Philip R. Rogers
Exploitation Nation returns with our giant Indie Filmmaking issue! * Mark Savage and his new film PURGATORY ROAD* James L. Edwards and HER NAME WAS CHRISTA* Gabe Bartalos and his newest, SAINT BERNARD* The career of Scooter McCrae and his adventures with the British Parliament* A look back at GEORGE KUCHAR (Thundercrack!)* Dr. Rhonda interviews Carmine Capobianco (Psychos in Love) and Henrique Couto (Babysitter Massacre)* Justin Channell interviews Revjen Miller (The Adventures of Electra Elf)* Plus, we say goodbye to friend-of-everyone, DICK MILLER.
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thumbnail_EN 6 cover 1 proof
Cover A. by Mark Bode.

Exploitation Nation #6: Underground Comix from Amazon. Both covers are available – choose from Mark Bode‘s Clarion Alley cover or Will Eisner Official Site‘s SPIRIT cover from Denis Kitchen’s SNARF #3. Both designed by Ryan Hose (our new artistic director!).

So much great stuff in here including:
* an Overview of Undergrounds;
* Interview with Stephen Bissette, discussing his projects TABOO and S.R. Bissette’s TYRANT (R)
* Interview with Howard Cruse, who helped pave the way for future gay cartoonists;
* Interview with Trina Robbins
, the first woman to draw WONDER WOMAN and a pioneer in Wimmen’s Comix;

* Interviews with Frank Henenlotter and Mike Diana, discussing the documentary “The Trials of Mike Diana”, whose comix were convicted of “obscenity”;


Cover B – Art by Will Eisner, courtesy Denis Kitchen

* Greg Ketter of Dreamhaven Books discusses the history of the Comic Book Legal Defense Fund;
* AND a huge Bode section, featuring interviews with Mark Bode, and a reprint of Vaughn Bode’s 1975 essay “Confessions of a Cartoon Gooroo” (Official Mark and Vaughn Bode Fan Site) in its entirety!

Plus: Mike Hauss gives us the lowdown on weird spaghetti westerns;
* Mike Haushalter provides another installment of “I’ll Buy That for a Dollar”;
* Terry Thome gives us the scoop on Robert Altman’s adaptation of POPEYE;
* Justin Channell talks to Buddy Giovinazzo about “Ginger”;
* Jason Lane tells us about DOMU: A CHILD’S TALE;
* and we say our final goodbye to Stan Lee.

All this and a few things I may have forgotten – all in EXPLOITATION NATION #6! Order the print version today for $1 off cover!

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COVER B – Will Eisner’s cover to SNARF #3



Exploitation NationPremiere Issue! Welcome to a brand new publication spotlighting the weird, wonderful world of “exploitation films”. With a definition as diverse as the films that fall into that category, the sky is the limit for E.N. In this premiere issue, William J. Wright interviews “Ilsa” herself, Dyanne Thorne; Mike Watt presents “lost” interviews with Clive Barker and his “Saint Sinner” stars, Mary Mara and Rebecca Harrell. Plus everyone’s favorite: a large review section! Then we sit back and discuss everyone’s favorite sub-genre: the Lesbian Vampire Film. All this and more in Exploitation Nation #1. (80 pages; $5.99 + $2.99 shipping – free shipping if you buy both issues!)

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Issue 2 sm.jpg


Exploitation Nation is back with our second issue! All about cryptids of the cinema: Bigfoot, Nessie, The Mothman, The Yeti, The Pope Lick Monster – we got ’em all! Well, most. The monsters and the movies that love them. Also this issue, journalist Mike Watt takes a look back at his time covering 2009’s “Sorority Row“. Plus, bidding a sad and fond farewell to George A. Romero. Pick up Exploitation Nation #2 today! (80 pages; $5.99 + $2.99 shipping – free shipping if you buy both issues!)

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Issue 3 test

EXPLOITATION NATION #3: THEATRE DU BIZARRO What makes a movie “Bizarro“? Is it lack of rules, or simply a lack of *recognizable* rules. What makes “Forbidden Zone” Bizarro? What about “Meet the Hollowheads” or “Paperhouse“? In this issue, we attempt to answer that question, with contributions from the authors of “BIZARRO ENCYCLOPEDIA OF FILM (VOL. I)“, Heather Drain and John Skipp. PLUS: Part one of an extensive look at the career of Jose Mojica Marins, aka “Coffin Joe”; an exhaustive interview with filmmaker Rolfe Kanefsky; Greg DeLiso and Peter Litvin are the men behind “Hectic Knife“, and an EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW with Stephen Sayadian (aka “Rinse Dream”) in which we discuss “Nightdreams“, “Cafe Flesh” and “Dr. Caligari“. Don’t miss out! Order yours yesterday!

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Issue 4 Cover final SM

Special OVERSIZED Issue – 144 pages! Rock ‘n Roll Movies capture what it’s meant to be young, what it’s meant to rebel against the establishment of your parents’ world. Unbridled dancing, laughter, partying, aliens, zombies, sex, drugs, auto shop, malt raids, sock hops, and the rhythm method! Exploitation Nation’s special 144-page salute to the rock ‘n roll movie boasts an extensive interview with Paul Bunnell (The Ghastly Love of Johnny X); Jon-Mikl Thor and Frank Dietz talk Rock ‘n Roll Nightmare; Terry Thome talks Slade in Flame and presents an exhaustive account of AIP’s “Beach Party” films; The Purple One on Film; the missed opportunity of Slumber Party Massacre II! Plus: we say a tearful goodbye to our patron saint, Harlan Ellison. Finally, Richard Elfman drops by to say his piece about FORBIDDEN ZONE. All this and more (so very much more) in Exploitation Nation#4: Rock ‘n Roll Movies Forever!! More pages! No extra cost (to you…we will remain in poverty so that you are entertained)!

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Cover Mockup
Cover by Philip R. Rogers

ALL HAIL CINEMAGOG! Every film mentioned in this “Alternative History” issue is a damnable LIE! But in another universe, the Dark Gods of Film saw David Lynch direct “Revenge of the Jedi“; in another time, The Beatles teamed with Stanley Kubrick to make “Lord of the Rings”m and Amos Poe directed Debbie Harry in a remake of “Alphaville“. This year will see a remake of “The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen“, even though the original starring Charles Dance was damned near perfect! Plus: “Lost Skeleton of Cadavra” director Larry Blamire tells us all about his upcoming book of great Silver Age comics (Okay, that part IS real.) NO ONE has the balls to print an entire magazine dedicated to the imaginary and nonsensical. But that’s the EXPLOITATION NATION guarantee!

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