In 2017 Happy Cloud Pictures expanded into publishing and became Happy Cloud Media, LLC. We began first publishing our own products and eventually including the works of others, including a reissue of Stuntman Gary Kent’s “Shadows and Light” and Tom Savini’s Night of the Living Dead ’90 Storyboards. The mission of Happy Cloud is to help authors keep most of the profits when they are doing most of the work. In the near future we plan on accepting submissions for publication. For more information please contact us using the contact page.


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NEW! HOT SPLICES – a collection of eight interwoven tales of “The Cinephages” – those who devour frames of film for the high, to meld with their favorite films – and their encounter with the legendary “Divine Heresy”, a collection of films that can open a gateway to madness, murder, and the dark gods of filmmaking.

If you do not love film…
If you do not devour it, as it devours you…
If a Film could never drive you to murder…
This is not the film for you.


The only thing we have to fear, we’re told, is fear itself. In Phobophobia, the first fiction collection from award-winning screenwriter and journalist Mike Watt, ordinary people going through everyday events are subjected to nightmares beyond their imagining. In Phobophobia, nothing is what it seems … — Not a classic cherry red Mustang… — Not a run-of-the-mill art exhibit… — Not a Valentine’s Day gift… — Not even Christmas Morning… “There is a twisted skein of darkness running through all of Mike’s work…” — Amber Benson (author of Death’s Daughter) from her introduction.





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NEW! MOVIE OUTLAW: THE PREQUEL is a revamped, beefed-up, recharged republishing of what was previously-known as “Fervid Filmmaking”. Featuring 70 “underseen” films including “Keep Off My Grass”, “Dr. Caligari”, “Forbidden Zone”, “Coonskin”, “Head”, “The World’s Greatest Sinner”, “Psychos in Love” and many more. Also features a rare interview with “Dr. Caligari” director Stephen Sayadian. A new addition to the acclaimed MOVIE OUTLAW series.

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From filmmaker and journalist Mike Watt comes a new collection of essays focusing on more than 70 “underseen” films. These include “lost” films like Johnny Depp’s directorial debut, “The Brave“; “Don’s Plum“, the film that Leo DiCaprio sued to hide from the public; Mauritzio Nichetti’s sexy live-action/animated comedy “Volere Volare“; and “The Ghastly Love of Johnny X“, the last 35mm black ‘n white science fictional musical ever made! Selecting movies from all over the world, these are titles that every film lover needs to know about! (320 pages, 2nd Edition, revised for 2015.) – Signed edition just $15.00 (free shipping)

“If you’ve not read this book, then you’re not a film connoisseur. Do yourself a service and pick up Watt’s latest effort. Do it now – and you might learn something.” – Dr. Rhonda Baughman

“An essential guide to around 70 movies that are seldom discussed by other publications. Mike Watt exposes the reader to some wonderfully obscure and seldom seen films. Anyone into cinema should check this out. Granted, these films aren’t for everyone, but Mike uncovers some gritty gems here, maybe gems that the actors involved didn’t want anyone to see. With all the generic pablum being fed to mainstream audiences, this is a movie buffs wet dream. Written by a man who knows film. Check it out.” – 42nd Street Pete, Grindhouse Purgatory, 8mm Madness, and Gunfighters of the Drunken Master.

“Great reference guide for a lot of films that don’t make it into reference guides.”  – Doug Waltz, Divine Exploitation

“Michael started young, coloring outside the Lines and now he’s operating outside the Law of Moviedome. Congratulations!” Bill Johnson (Texas Chain Saw Massacre II)

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From filmmaker and journalist Mike Watt comes a the long-awaited SEQUEL to the beloved Movie Outlaw collection. Brand new collection of essays focusing on another 70 “undeservedly underseen” films, such as, “Crazy Moon” starring a pre-star Keifer Sutherland; Frank Henenlotter’s hilarous “Frankenhooker“; the all-star “Jane White is Sick and Twisted“; Terry Southern’s “The Magic Christian“, starring Peter Sellars and Ringo Starr; Peter Jackon’s non-Hobbit forming “Meet the Feebles“; Michael A. Simpson’s purgatory classic “Impure Thoughts“; Paul Morressey’s “Spike of Bensonhurst“, Richard Rush’s “The Stunt Man“; Clive Barker’s long-mishandled and newly revived “Nightbreed“; Brian DePalma’s rock operetta “Phantom of the Paradise“, Will Vinton’s Claymation Classic “The Adventures of Mark Twain“; the disturbing TOETAG Pictures’ “The Redsin Tower”; and the late underground filmmaker Andy Copp’s disturbing “The Atrocity Circle“. We also slap around Disney’s atrocity, “The Lone Ranger” (while simultaneously trying to redeem “The Legend of the Lone Ranger“. Selecting movies from all over the world, with budgets large and small, we salute these underdogs once again! (392 pages;

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Filmmaker and journalist Mike Watt brings another entry into the beloved, revered, and downright worshipped Movie Outlaw collection. Brand new collection of essays focusing on another 50 “undeservedly underseen” films, including: Alex de la Iglesia’s “Accion Mutante“; French gangster romp “Borsalino“; Philippe de Broca’s adaptation of “Le Bossu“; Ralph Bakshi’s “Heavy Traffic“; Charles Swenson’s “Down and Dirty Duck”, Richard Williams’ “The Thief and the Cobbler“; Eric Stanze’s “Scrapbook”; the David Bowie WWII drama “Merry Christmas, Mr. Lawrence”; the marvelously unpleasant “The Sinful Dwarf“; learn what the story is in “Lovers and Other Strangers“; the mind-bending “Performance“; the joyous “Muppets Most Wanted“; the mysterious Jon Voight-starring “Legend of Simon Conjurer“; the ideal Scream Queen film “Sorority Babes in the Slimeball Bowl-O-Rama“; the “Rocky Horror sequel/equal” “Shock Treatment“; the all-star pirate adventure “Yellowbeard“; and many, many more! This volume also boasts interviews with Academy Award Winner Jon Voight and an all-new interview with legendary director and animator Ralph Bakshi! (352 pages)



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